Select bibliography

These are first arranged in descending order of publication year(for books published between 2017-onwards), then selections of different types of books. Not listed on this page are single stories published in anthologies: these are on the Short Stories page.

Coming in 2023:

Satin, picture book, illustrated by Lorena Carrington, MidnightSun Publishing, March

The Key to Rome, middle-grade historical novel, Eagle Books, May

Secrets of the Good Fairy House, with Lorena Carrington, adult creative non-fiction, June

The Paris Cooking School(under the name of Sophie Beaumont), adult novel, Ultimo Press, November

Books published in 2022:

Sydney under Attack, middle-grade historical novel, Scholastic Australia

A Hundred Words for Butterfly, adult novella, print edition, ES-Press

Cock-a-doodle-doo, picture book, illustrated by Kathy Creamer, Little Pink Dog Books

Inside Story: the wonderful world of writing, illustrating and publishing children’s books (on writing and compiling team) UPA Books

Four Up In Lights, chapter book for young readers, illustrated by Cheryl Orsini, Christmas Press  

Magical Tales from French Camelot, collection of newly-translated and retold French Arthurian stories, illustrated by Lorena Carrington, Serenity Press

Bird’s Eye View, chapbook of poetry and prose on birds, illustrated by Lorena Carrington, Pardalote Press

Books published in 2021

The Ghost Squad, YA speculative fiction novel, MidnightSun Publishing

Four All at Sea, chapterbook for young readers, illustrated by Cheryl Orsini, Christmas Press

 A Hundred Words for Butterfly, audio-first novella for adults, Spineless Wonders Audio

Books published in 2020:

A House of Mud, picture book, illustrated by Katrina Fisher, Little Pink Dog Books

The Snowman’s Wish, picture book, illustrated by Ronak Taher, Dirt Lane Press. Also published in China and Turkey.

Four on the Run, chapterbook for young readers, illustrated by Cheryl Orsini, Christmas Press

Santagram, picture book, illustrated by Shiloh Gordon, Little Hare

French Fairy Tales, adult/young adult collection of five French fairy tales chosen, translated and retold by Sophie Masson, and illustrated by Lorena Carrington, Serenity Press

Books published in 2019

War and Resistance, middle-grade historical novel, Scholastic

On my Way, picture book, illustrated by Simon Howe, Scholastic

There’s a Tiger Out There, picture book, illustrated by Ruth Waters, Little Hare

Join the Armidale Parade, illustrated by Kathy Creamer, Little Pink Dog Books. Shortlisted, Speech Pathology Book of the Year Awards 2020

Books published in 2018

​​See Monkey, picture book, illustrated by Kathy Creamer, Little Pink Dog Books

Black Wings, adult historical novel, The Greystones Press (UK)

Several poems in A Boat of Stars anthology, edited by Margaret Connolly and Natalie Jane Prior, ABC Books(Harper Collins)

Books published in 2017:

Once Upon An ABC, picture book, illustrated by Christopher Nielsen, Little Hare. Shortlisted for Crichton Award, CBCA Awards.

Two Rainbows, picture book, illustrated by Michael McMahon, Little Hare. Also published in China and South Korea.

Building Site Zoo, picture book, illustrated by Laura Wood, Lothian Books (Hachette Australia)

Jack of Spades, middle-grade/YA historical novel, Eagle Books. Shortlisted for 2018 Davitt Awards.

Grouped selections of books:

Books for adults (other than those already listed above):

The House in the Rainforest, UQP, 1990

The Hoax, Minerva (RHA), 1997

Forest of Dreams(historical fantasy trilogy)Random House Australia 2001, Droemer Verlag Germany 2003, Armenia Publishers, Italy 2007

Walking in the Garden of the Mind(essays) Altair Publishing, 2005.

Life, Literature, Legends(essays) Quadrant Books 2011

The Great Deep and Other Tales of the Uncanny, collection of various republished fantasy short stories, Sixteen Press 2012, ebook only

By the Book, Tips of the Trade for Writers, Sixteen Press 2013, e-book only

The Adaptable Author, Keesing Press 2014

The Trinity duology: Book 1, Trinity: Koldun Code, was published in 2014 by Momentum Books in print and e-book formats. The sequel, Trinity: The False Prince, was published in 2015, in both e-book and print editions. 

Selection of other children’s/YA titles not listed above

Published by Scholastic Australia:

1914, a novel of the Great War (2014)

 The Boggle Hunters(2012)

 Ned Kelly’s Secret(2012)

The Hunt for Ned Kelly(2010) Winner, the Patricia Wrightson Prize for Children’s Literature, NSW Premier’s Literary Awards, 2011, also Notable Book, CBCA Awards 2011.

My Father’s War(2011)

The Understudy’s Revenge(2011)

The Phar Lap Mystery(2010) Shortlisted, 2011 Davitt YA Awards.

Lucky Break(1996)

The fairytale selection(various publishers)

Hunter’s Moon, Random House Australia,  2015.

The Crystal Heart, Random House Australia 2014, Notable Book, CBCA Awards 2015

Scarlet in the Snow, Random House Australia 2013. Released in USA 2013.

Moonlight and Ashes, Random House Australia, 2012, shortlisted, Davitt Awards 2013. Released in USA, 2013.

Carabas, Hodder Australia 1996; St Mary’s Press US(as ‘Serafin)2000, Hodder UK 2002

Clementine, Hodder Australia 1999, Hodder UK 2001

The Green Prince Hodder Australia 2000. This was also adapted for the stage in 2001. Shortlisted Aurealis Awards Science Fiction and Fantasy 2001. Selected for Untapped list 2021. New edition published in 2022 by Brio Books

The Firebird, Hodder Australia 2001. Selected for Untapped list 2020. Republished Brio Books 2022.

 In Hollow Lands, Hodder UK 2004

The Chronicles of El Jisal series (published by Random House Australia)

Snow, Fire, Sword, 2004 (also published in the US and Thailand, 2006). Shortlisted twice for 2005 Aurealis Awards for Fantasy and Science Fiction, in Fantasy and Young Adult sections

 The Curse of Zohreh, 2005, Notable Book, CBC Awards, 2006.

The Tyrant’s Nephew, 2006   

 The Maharajah’s Ghost, 2007

The Thomas Trew series, published by Hodder Children’s Books, UK, 2007-2009

Thomas Trew and the Hidden People(also available as BBC Audio Book)

Thomas Trew and the Horns of Pan(also as BBC Audio Book)

Thomas Trew and the Klint-King’s Gold

Thomas Trew and the Selkie’s Curse

Thomas Trew and the Island of Ghosts(shortlisted for Aurealis Awards, 2009)

The Shakespearean collection( various publishers, all middle-grade novels)

Cold Iron, Hodder Silver(Australia), 1998; St Mary’s Press USA(as ‘Malkin’), 2000. Selected for Untapped list 2021. Republished Brio Books 2022.

The Tempestuous Voyage of Hopewell Shakespeare, Hodder UK 2003

Malvolio’s Revenge, Hodder UK, 2005

The Madman of Venice(Hodder UK 2009, also published in USA by Random House 2010 and by Deutschen Taschenbuch Verlag, Germany 2011)

The Understudy’s Revenge(Scholastic Australia 2011)

The Seyrac series (novels for middle-grade readers inspired by Sophie’s French-Australian childhood. Illustrated by Anne Spudvilas)

The Opera Club, Mammoth 1993

The Cousin from France, Mammoth 1993 Notable Book CBCA 1993

Winter in France, Mammoth 1994 Notable Book CBCA 1994

The Secret, Mammoth 1996

Family Business, Hodder Headline 2000

 A selection of mystery novels for young readers:

Fire in the Sky, Angus and Robertson, 1990, Notable Book CBCA Awards

Illusion, Mammoth 1997

The Tiger, Harper Collins 1998 Shortlisted QANTAS City of Brisbane Travel Writing Award 1998, Notable Book CBC 1998

The Hand of Glory, Hodder Headline 2002. Winner, YA Section, Aurealis Awards for Science Fiction and Fantasy 2002

 The Case of the Diamond Shadow, ABC Books 2008

 The Secret Army: Operation Loki(graphic novel) ABC Books 2006

Other titles:

Two Trickster Tales from Russia, illustrated by David Allan, Christmas Press 2013.

Green Eyes, Hodder Headline 1998

Small World, Hodder Headline, 1999

 Birds of a Feather, Mammoth 1996

 The Troublemaker, Hodder Headline 1997

 Sooner or Later, (YA)UQP 1991, Notable Book CBCA

 A Blaze of Summer, (YA)UQP 1992, Notable Book, CBCA

 The Sun is Rising, (YA, companion novel to Sooner or Later)UQP 1996

 The Gifting, (YA fantasy)Collins Moonstone 1996

 Red City(sequel to The Gifting)Collins Moonstone 1998

Guinevere Jones, (books 1 and 4), novelisation of TV series, RHA 2003

Books written as Isabelle Merlin

 Three Wishes(Random House Australia 2008). Also published in Poland, France, Germany and Indonesia, released in UK and US.

 Pop Princess(Random House Australia 2009) Also published in Poland, released in USA and UK.

 Cupid’s Arrow(Random House Australia 2009), released in USA and UK.

 Bright Angel(Random House Australia 2010)released in USA and UK. 

Books written as Jenna Austen

The Romance Diaries: Ruby, Harper Collins 2013

The Romance Diaries: Stella, Harper Collins 2013