Short stories

On this page you’ll find a full list of all Sophie’s short stories that have been published in anthologies, whether for adults or for children and young adults.

Short stories published in anthologies for kids

It Only Happens Once, in After Dark, Omnibus Books, 1988

Wild Cat, in Weird, Omnibus Books, 1989

Blue, in The Blue Dress, Hodder Children’s Books, 1991. Reprinted many times, republished 2001

Mel, in Spine Chilling, Omnibus Books 1992

Mel, audio version, in Really Scary Stories for Brave Children, ABC Audio 2006, republished 2016

Cry Wolf, in Amazing, Omnibus Books, 1990

Circles of Fire, in The Lottery, Omnibus Books 1994

Circles of Fire, in Altered Voices, Scholastic USA 1994

The Neptune Clock, in Tales from the Deep, Spinouts, Pearson Education 1999

The Three Builders, in Distant Shores, Spinouts, Pearson Education 2000

Bells Underwater, in Tales from the Wasteland, Hodder Australia, 2000

Bells Underwater, in Top Stories 2, Harcourt Education, 2007

Lancelot, in The Road to Camelot, Random House Australia 2002, republished 2009, also published as single Kindle story

Pintade, Ten out of Ten, Phoenix Education 2003

Duck’s Luck, in 30 Australian Stories for Children, Random House Australia 2003

She Just Wants to Play, in 30 Australian Ghost Stories for Children, Random House Australia 2004

Snake Man, in Top Stories 1, Harcourt Education 2007

Ghost, in Trust Me, Ford Street Publishing 2008

The Red Dwarf, in Picture This, Pearson Australia 2009

Once upon A Strangers’ City, in Alien Shores, Brass Monkey Books, 2012

Oh, for A Sausage Roll, in Stories for Five Year Olds, Random House Australia 2012

The Old Woman and the Imp, in Stories for Six Year Olds, RHA, 2012

The Magic Carpet, in Stories for Eight Year Olds, RHA 2012

Possum in the Roof, in Stories for Boys, Random House Australia 2013

Masha and the Bear, in Two Trickster Tales from Russia, Christmas Press 2013

The Rooster with the Golden Crest, in Two Trickster Tales from Russia, Christmas Press 2013

Note: Both stories from Trickster Tales also published in the audio version, published by Christmas Press 2014

The Dolls’ First Christmas, in Stories for Seven Year Olds, RHA 2014

Babushka and the Star, in Once Upon A Christmas, Christmas Press 2014

The Christmas Dragon, in Three Dragons for Christmas, Christmas Press 2015. Also in audio version with the two other stories in anthology, Christmas Press 2015

Barney Brown and the Christmas Cake, in A Christmas Menagerie, Christmas Press 2017

The Wrong Spoon, in A Christmas Cornucopia, Christmas Press 2019

Short stories published in anthologies for adults

The Tiger, in Beyond the Echo, UQP 1988

St Simon and the Devil, in Microstories, Angus and Robertson, 1993

The Great Deep, in The Mutant Files, DAW Books (USA) 2001

Here Be Dragons, in Land/Space Anthology, Tesseract Books(Canada) 2003

Once Upon A Strangers’ City, in Alien Shores, Brass Monkey Books 2014

The Romanov Opal, in And Then…The Great Big Book Of Adventure Tales, Vol. 1, ClanDestine Press, 2016

The Silver Apples of the Moon, in South of the Sun: Australian Fairy Tales For the 21st Century, Serenity Press 2021